How to Create a Garden Floral Arrangement

Hi friends! Now that we’re all social distancing and quarantined at home, you may find yourself looking for fun projects to pass the time and freshen up your home décor. If that sounds like you, we have the perfect activity for your afternoon! By creating a backyard flower arrangement, you can check all of these other things off your list at the same time:

  • Enjoy the outdoors and soak up some sunshine
  • Spruce up the landscaping in your yard
  • Practice your floral arranging skills (or try it for the first time!)
  • Add a little cheer to your home

In this video, Bethany demonstrates how to create a floral arrangement using greenery and flowers that you can find in your own yard! Since we’re all taking more walks around the neighborhood, you may notice a plant in your neighbor’s yard that you’d love to include in an arrangement. When trimming from outside our own property, we call it civic pruning. Just make sure to ask permission before cutting!

Bethany shares her tips on:

  • Selecting stems for an interesting arrangement
  • How to build a bouquet that’s beautiful and flourishy up top while keeping the stems neat and tidy
  • Choosing what container to use

We hope this simple video tutorial helps inspire you when creating a unique backyard bouquet to grace your table!

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