How to Build a Fabulous Charcuterie Board

Who says you have to cook to entertain well? One of our favorite ways to entertain guests is with a fruit, charcuterie, and cheese platter. It’s easy and stunning!

Simply arrange meat, cheese, fruit, nuts, and anything else that you would like to a marble, slate, or wood serving platter, and you’ve got an instant appetizer or snack. Not only is a charcuterie and cheese plate simple to create, it has an elegance and sophistication to it that fits any type of event.

In this video, Chefs Christopher and Bethany Hewitt share their tips for creating a fabulous Charcuterie Board for your next event. There’s really no right or wrong way to do it, but we hope these tips will inspire you to get creative and confidently create a delicious display!

1. Choose a base, like a cutting board or platter.
2. Create levels with different vessels, such as a cake stand.
3. Quarter the pineapple, leaving the top on.
4. Slice lengthwise below the pineapple core and along the skin from end to end.
5. Pop out the center section of the pineapple and slice it crosswise, then re-insert the pieces and pop out each section, alternating in either direction.
6. Use smaller vessels for jam, dips, olives, etc. This is a chance to think outside the box!
7. Position the smaller vessels around the base, and create a foundation with grapes and pineapples.
8. Add stacked slices of cheese and charcuterie.
9. Add berries to the board, making sure to distribute them throughout to help draw people’s eye around the whole board.
10. Add crackers in small towers around the board.
11. Garnish with fresh rosemary or other edible greens for a finishing touch.
12. ENJOY!

For this board, we used:
Red Grapes
Blocks of Pepper Jack and Cheddar cheese
Hard Salami
Aged Pepperoni
Black Pepper Encrusted Sausage
Pimiento Cheese
Round Crackers
Green Olives
Pickled Okra

There are so many varieties of fruit, charcuterie, and cheese to choose from! Have fun experimenting with different combinations to find a blend you like best. Bon appetit!

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